Intro: Why start on the ground?


My mom has a garden. It’s on the same ground that my grandfather used to work, behind their home during his life. There were so many great seeds that produced fruits, vegetables and flowers. We used to play in that backyard all the time as kids, but one thing I remember my grandmother yelling at us was “Stay out the garden!” or “Don’t mess up Pop-pop’s garden!”

Spring is here. Buds are blooming everywhere and the produce in the markets are beginning to taste so much better. Gardens are relevant to some readers, but to others, like myself with the “black thumb”, we just observe from afar and enjoy the beauty or flavors of the hard work put into the ground.

Groundwork is the foundation or the basis on which something is laid.

There are many ways to talk about groundwork.  I want to help you understand that there is beauty in you, but you first have to prepare and work the grounds of your heart to cultivate what God will grow in you. God created and fashioned you with a purpose (Psalm139). You were created in Jesus, who is the creator of all things, to do good works and bear fruit to righteousness (John 1:3; Ephesians 2:10).  However, there is work to be done. Some of us have seeds in our hearts that have been flourishing into the beautiful work God is calling us to.  Some of us just barely see the sprouting growth beginning. Some of us, have had the beautiful fruits and flowers of our God-given purpose ripped out, trampled, stolen, or poisoned by others.

So let’s start on the ground. Let’s get low, get our hands dirty, and examine what our life is yielding for the purpose of replanting, pruning, watering, plucking, and protecting.  A relationship with Jesus Christ is the only way to have a more fulfilling and beautiful life.  Ask Him to show Himself to you so that you may get to know Him.  Stick around. There’s more to be said about what God does when we give Him our hearts to lay His groundwork.

How can you prepare yourself for God to show you who He really is? Is there something that you need to pull up, weed out, or shine some light on?



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