Guarding Your Heart: My Story


I cringe even writing the phrase, honestly.   It’s cliché by now. We all have heard it and so many of us use it to counsel, mentor, encourage, or even quote. The phrase “guard your heart” is very over used and over-worked in Christian dating  (dare I use that word either) culture.  This series won’t be to share what Christian dating culture means when they say “guard your heart”. I don’t think these posts will suffice for godly pre-marital counseling, and it sure doesn’t trump what the Holy Spirit can and will speak to you through His Word during our time together.

In 2008, I began a relationship with my now husband, Brian, who will be mentioned quite often in this series and more to come.  We were a part of a church community that placed much emphasis on dating God’s way and getting married ASAP. I can’t speak for other couples we know who experienced counsel from that community during their dating or courtship period.  I believe we all have a perspective and a story to tell that plays a major role in the larger tapestry of God’s story.  We personally sought out older/other couples to give us the meaning of what everyone was telling us to do: “guard your heart”.  Hindsight is 20/20.  We found no solace in anyone’s answer. Why couldn’t anyone give us a plain, biblical, straight-forward answer of what they meant by the term? The people we were asking were no more than 25-30, and I honestly believe they didn’t have a clue and were not at fault for not relaying the right answers.  People over 50 can attest that people in their 20s like to think they know everything because they have a semi-handle on the buds of adulthood.

I don’t fault them.  God has a way of guiding your steps right back to where you belong: at His feet, on your face. In my frustration, that’s what I did, as I had always done in every past relationship.  I sought the Lord and He heard me.

So sisters,

Oh, magnify the Lord with me,
And let us exalt His name together.

4 I sought the Lord, and He heard me,
And delivered me from all my fears.
5 They looked to Him and were radiant,
And their faces were not ashamed.” Psalm 34:3-5

Let me testify. Seek God, and He will hear you.  He will deliver you from your fears. Fear of the unknown; Fear of man.  God delivered me from all of those fears that come with a new relationship in which I wanted to please the Lord more than anything.  And sisters, we looked to Jesus and we are not ashamed.  Jesus covers all guilt and shame and will hide you in the face of all your fears.

The Holy Spirit showed me, in my most desperate times with Him, through His Word, what it meant to guard your heart.  I must say I have not read the meaning in any book but the Bible.  My answer did not come from anyone but Him.  Jesus said He would send the Helper to teach us all things (John 14:26) and the Bible also says in 1 John 2 that the anointing of God is in you, if you have been saved by Jesus; and that the anointing will teach you all things, and will not lie to you.

Stick with me as we go through Philippians 4:1-13. The Word of God shows us what can happen when we fully rely on Him for the peace that surpasses understanding.

Read Philippians 4 and Proverbs 4 until next time.

What does this mean for your life now? What is said about the heart? How can you gain wisdom and peace based on these two passages of scripture?

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