Guarding Your Heart Pt 2: Rejoice!


 Philippians 4:4

We examined what it means when we guard our hearts from the sin that can affect others in the previous post and I shared a little about why this series is so important to me in the intro.  Let’s recap briefly:

  • this series is not for singles only
  • the Bible was not written for one type of role (men/women, husband/wife, single/married)
  • the Gospel of Jesus Christ is for salvation of your soul and to transform you into His image
  • guarding your heart is not primarily about protecting yourself from relational damage or getting too deep into a relationship
  • you cannot guard your own heart, in your own power, by yourself

Proverbs 4:23 speaks of guarding your heart in the context of protecting your own motives and intentions (which can be deceitful when not submitted to the lordship of the Holy Spirit) from leaving a train wreck of relational and spiritual damage through life.

And so, as we comb through Philippians 4, I want to extend a similar greeting to you seen in Phil. 4:1-3:

I love you and I thank God for you. However you got here, I know by the leading of God’s Spirit, you were brought to this blog to hear from God. There is nothing miraculous from this screen, on these specific pages, on this particular site, on your specific computer. But the power of God can transform you into His likeness as you seek to study His word through resources like this. But know this; there is something miraculous about your life and how God will reach down from His heavenly throne to ensure that you are reading this right now, at this time in your life. Be encouraged by the remainder of this series. I pray you contend for the gospel of Jesus Christ, seek to live out His perfect will for your life and do not waiver when you get the answer from God you are searching for regarding your heart.


God gave me Philippians 4 as a guide during my courtship period with Brian. He allowed me to first see that in Philippians 4:4, in all things I must rejoice. At the time, rejoicing was last on my list. I thought I could do that when I got married, on my wedding day after waiting for so long in abstinence.

As a single person, I thought sorrow was for the single person, and rejoicing for the married. (all the married people reading this are laughing at my 20-yr-old self right now)

The word “rejoice” here in the Greek means to “take delight in the favor and grace of God”. The basic, English definition of rejoice is to be glad, to make joyful, or to take delight.I was not taking delight in my circumstances. I hated where I was and little did I know, rejoicing while dating, engaged, and in marriage was and is a fight.  Today I fight for joy. I fight to say “blessed be the name of the Lord” and to tell my heart to praise the Lord.

This is why God was showing me that guarding the heart is not for the single person.

It is something that God will do for you as you rejoice. Take delight in the Lord Jesus sisters. He will be the delight and contentment of your heart when you have not properly guarded those doors to your heart and when what is not like Him, rises to burden you, hurt someone you love, or respond negatively to hurt you have received.

The Bible says to sing and make melody in your heart to the Lord (Eph. 5:18-20), your delight should be in His word or law (Ps. 1:1-3), and to delight yourself in Him (Ps. 37:4). God’s word makes mention many times of delighting in Him and rejoicing in Him. Rejoice in God’s grace and favor this week. Sisters the enemy, Satan, would love to categorize you and make you think that what God has given you at this time in your life is not how things should be. I fight against this lie daily. But I have to remind myself to rejoice; to take delight in the beautiful grace and abundant favor God has given me in my life.

See you next week.


  • Are you still single? What grace has God given you and what favor can you see in your life outside of this one area?
  • Are you married? What grace has God given you and what favor can you see in your life outside and inside of you marriage?
  • How can you take time out of your day to delight in the favor and grace of God?

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