Guarding Your Heart Series Pt. 4a-Pray



Philippians 4:6

I think the 25th and 26th years of my life were the worst years of my life so far. I had trouble in every area of my life. My health, my marriage, my emotional/mental health, my job, my friends, my family.  This verse in this series is where I have to get real with y’all. Prayer is a discipline that none of us can afford to take lightly.  It is the way we talk to God, fight spiritual battles, and find the comfort we need.  In all honesty, sometimes prayer can be the discipline that frustrates us the most when God is silent, or we disagree with the answer. Even in writing this, I know this will be more than one part because I really want you to understand what God is saying to you through this verse.  I can’t be long-winded here because too many of us have an issue with anxiety.  Some of us more than others.  When I was little, I used to get too excited about holidays, field trips, birthdays, and various events that produced anxiety in my heart.  I didn’t have an anxiety issue but my nervousness showed itself in my health through stomach viruses, without fail, around these times. My gut couldn’t take the unknown. Even if it was good! I was saved a young age and I remember thanking God in my teenage years that I did not have an anxiety disorder like other girls I knew in high school who struggled with depression and panic attacks.  My day was coming.

Two years ago I had the WORST boss of my life. I will spare details for another post about your purpose and career, but during that year and a half of my 25th/26th year, I was drowning. I barely had any support and no one understood what I was going through. I suffered from depression and anxiety. The overwhelming feeling of dread. The feeling you would probably get if you saw a killer coming towards you and you know that they will do the worst possible things imaginable to you, not if, but when they catch you- triggered by the thought of going to the office. If you have not experienced severe anxiety or panic attacks, thank God. However, I know so many of you have experienced this.  I asked God why, I wanted Him to take it away, and I truthfully, felt prideful about dealing with it.  (My name is Joy :/ I have a psychology degree. I’ve counseled people through this. I know my purpose is to be used by God to walk others through their deliverance from depression and anxiety. So why me?)

Experience, with God, is the best teacher. I understood what this was, based on my college textbooks and WebMD, but when I went through it, God gave me empathy.  When I say I know what you are going through, trust me, I do. However, today, I am healed. I am delivered. I am set free.  This verse was brought to me in a time of prayer by the Holy Spirit when I was broken, hurt, and desperate for more of God in my life. (If you are dealing with anxiety or depression, feel free to email me at

“Do not be anxious”, I read to myself.  “Do not be anxious….about, … ANYTHING?” I felt God’s presence rise in my heart as He comforted me and reminded me of His Word.
Do. Do NOT. Do not BE ANXIOUS. Do not be anxious about  ANY  THING! Any circumstance, any one, any job, any friend, any pain, any decision, any THING.
And the Word of God is so clear to us sisters. God says to you today, about your marriage, about your future spouse, about your money, about your purpose, about your career, about your family, about your children:

God has set you free. If you belong to Jesus, you have already been set free from the gripping pains of depression and anxiety. I understand that you will believe it is easier said than done, but that is a lie. The enemy, your adversary, is purposely trying to make you believe that you are not set free. If you are a Christian, your salvation is secured and the enemy cannot take that away. So what can he do? He can try to take your peace. The peace of God that will guard your heart and mind, that is already yours.

So what if you are not dealing with anxiety?
Single sisters, worrying, fretting, or constantly fantasizing about the future is a state of being anxious. Married sisters and mothers, worrying if your spouse is cheating, constantly wondering if your children are ok or if your husband will ever change is being anxious. Jesus says in Matt. 6:25-33 to not be anxious about your life! This passage talks about food, clothing, and your lifespan, but in later verses it says “what shall we eat?”…Is it not true that sometimes we’ve said “Who shall we marry?”
He follows that up with: “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” This passage is not about marriage, so don’t get ahead of yourself. Marriage itself is not a promise. Jesus wants your complete dependence on HIM. That’s the point of the passage. Seek first His Kingdom!

For any woman, married or single: Seek first His Kingdom.
Pray. Prayer is how we express our dependence on God. Pray that you will not be anxious about anything, but that He will show you what His will is for you. His will for you is to be free from the anxieties that accompany everything in your life. As the Lord’s beloved, you do not have to be anxious today, tomorrow, or ever. Go to God in prayer, because He is there, He is listening, and He desires our total dependence on Him.
He will gain your absolute attention sister, no matter what.

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